President's Message

This sophisticated civilization is today through evolution from pre historic times. The education that has served as the controlling force in the construction of this civilization is therefore education. Conventional education has changed a long time ago. We need to move ourselves forward with the changing time. Technical and life-long education should be identified as the main subject. That light has to be linked to the well-thought out aesthetic technique of teaching. Only then will full-fledged education progress. The “Genuine Residential College” is moving along that path. It is rare to find alternatives to a Genuine Residential College for our faith as a full-fledged human being. We know many parents are worried and concerned about their children attending college. Because everyone expects my child to attend a good quality college and being good results. The reading is that although there are a large number of educational institutions are not able to organize quality modern technology based education. We favor coaching free institutional education. Have to had over the book to the students and give them a beautiful dream. They must create the right life-vision as a pre cursor to humanity. With this is Mind, The activity of the Genuine Residential College. Started in 2013 with the promise and commitment to deliver, one of the main centers of the industrial city of Gazipur. GRC is an established name in the area for its continued success and efficient management. As a science based, modern and time-consuming subject, there is a well vesearched and experienced faculty in the thematic, multimedia classrooms, modern computer lab, rich libraries and passages from the countries public universities. Our main goal is to build students into competent places and public Universities in the future. Already the students of this institution have passed and are studying at reputed higher education institution including public Universities. Finally, expect more education institutions in the field of education. Where the touch of modernity lies. We will have an attachment to education with world education. Students will find a reflection of life with education. Overall, our education system has to be shipped to a new light. In anticipation of that, we must work for education on a regular basis.
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